Stairlifts In Manchester, UK

Initial Records have teamed up with Stairlifts Manchester from Greater Manchester in The United Kingdom. They have announced a great new rental service provided by the well know Stair lift manufacturer Acorn.  The company is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Greater Manchester this year after having helped thousands of people who have left really postiive reviews.

There are a wide range of straight, curved and reconditioned (second hand) lifts which can be purchased or hired depending on the end users needs. They have been said to be on of the best “stairlift supply and installation” companies. In addition to the various model there are also important additional factors to consider such as repairs and servicing.

Chairlifts can be installed in situations which many think it may be not be possible such as narrow stairs or steep stairs. Any reputable supplier will carry out a free home survey before each stair lift installation, during which they identify the user’s specific needs and recommend the correct stairlift for their situation.

Grants from the DLF (Disabled Living Foundation / Solutions for Independent Living) maybe available depending on the users individual circumstances. When you make the decision that it’s time to get a stairlift in your home, for yourself or a family member, there is a lot to think about. Contact Stairlifts Manchester using the details below.

Stairlifts Manchester Details:

stair lifts
stair lifts

Street Address:

5/18 Hilton St, Manchester, M1 1FR

Telephone: 0161 509 2038